Getting Started!  


Applying to the CESFoundation Scholarship provides financial support to individuals from low-income communities. The CESFoundation scholarship is open to high school students, undergraduates in a college institution or trade school.

Please Note: You are not eligible to apply if you are currently enrolled or will be enrolled before Fall 2019.

You are eligible to apply if:

1.      A U.S. citizen

2.      You have formally been accepted to a 2 – year college, 4 – college or university, or trade school.

3.      Plan to enroll as a full-time student in Fall 2019

4.      Demonstrate significant unmet financial need.


Step 1: Applicants must complete the CESFoundation Scholarship application.  Applicants must determine their eligibility prior to filling out an application.  

Step 2: Applicants must complete a video submission with a prompt answer and response.  Videos cannot be submitted before an application. [insert website] [Insert sample questions here]

Step 3: Applicants must submit 2 Letters of Recommendations from an Employer/Community Leader/Teacher. [click here] 

Step 4: Applicants must submit a copy of their final tuition bill.

  • Applications will not be processed until all documents have been submitted. Once the applicant has submitted their application, the application will be reviewed by the CESFoundation Board of Directors. Funds will be directly released to the institution.
  • Applicants who are awarded the CESFoundation Scholarship will be featured on the CESFoundation website and be invited to the Award Ceremony and Mentorship Program (see website for more details).


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