Erline hertilien

Born and raised in New Jersey, Erline moved to Massachusetts to earn her master's degree in Education at Northeastern University.  As a Haitian-American, Erline experienced all too well the disparities within a minority group and now seeks to re-frame how students, like herself, are afforded the opportunity to go to college. Coming from an economically low background motivated Erline to push the needle forward.

Early in her career, Erline received an opportunity to work with City Year Incorporated, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting disenfranchised students who are at-risk of failing or dropping out of school.  Erline’s experience mentoring and tutoring within the classroom sparked her passion for educating youth.  In 2016, Erline served as an Academic Dean managing academic staff on instructional learning techniques and providing English Language Learners (ELL) the opportunity to earn certification in their field of work.

Erline seeks to continue the work necessary to provide under-served students opportunities to further their education and utilize their skills in the workforce.

"I love school, but the joy becomes secondary when trying to figure out how to pay tuition.  As college costs continue to rise, I worry about the increasing number of students who will not attend college.  I want to be able to do my part in relieving the pressures for students and their families.  If education is what you want to pursue, let's make it happen!" 



sophir sanders

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Haitian immigrant parents, Sophir had dreams of one day owning her own business and using her platform to help others. With no guidance, Sophir became the first in her family to attend and graduate college despite her lack of financial resources. In 2008, Sophir obtained her Associate's degree in Business, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Throughout her college experience, Sophir worked for community organizations and later began working as a social worker for at-risk youth and their families.

It was then that Sophir developed a passion for supporting those in need and an interest in community engagement. Sophir continued in the mental health and Human Services field for seven years.  In 2016, to empower underprivileged youth and promote literacy among school-aged children, Sophir launched a campaign called Live, Love, Compassion and went on to raise over 400 children's books donated to a local youth center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sophir has also worked as a school counselor, job coach, and helped to support an initiative to place 30 high school graduates in the construction industry through paid apprenticeship.

“Throughout my journey from high school to college, I had little support. Coming from very humble beginnings and being the first in my family to attend college, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the demands of higher education and the workforce without proper guidance, support, and positive role models. With Community Enrichment Scholars Foundation, I hope to establish greater opportunities for young adults in under-served communities to succeed.”